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We Believe in Pure & Organic Quality


    We offer a shared haven where a diverse array of plants can thrive. This encompasses avenue plants, a variety of bamboo, fruit plants, as well as indoor palm and ornamental plants.


    In our own meticulously tended farms, we cultivate an extensive selection of Agro and horticulture products. These offerings, nurtured by our experts with utmost care, have garnered significant demand from around the globe.


    We cater to meticulously organized events, including weddings and highly specialized functions, offering a diverse range of plants and various decorative materials. Additionally, we import an array of decorative materials to enhance your choices and supply options.

  • Hire an ISA-Certified Arborist

    You can find us on our website, www.mokshithnursery.com We're also happy to include your Facebook ID. Feel free to reach out, and we can send you plant pictures via email or WhatsApp.


    We have risen as a highly promising entity, encompassing manufacturing, exporting, trading, supplying, and service provision. Our experts ensure meticulous care, and we commit to delivering goods to our customers at the best possible prices.


    With extensive expertise, we excel in producing and supplying premium-quality plants in diverse sizes to our valued customers. Upon your order, we can conveniently deliver these plants right to your doorstep.